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A Flippin' Lunatic


I discovered that Mega Man Powered Up had a bunch of alternative costumes for Roll so..

Let's try that again, STREAMING SHOVEL KNIGHT ▷

think my datefriend helped me work things out…

Well that stream was a big failure


Streaming Shovel Knight!!! Using no Items come along!! ▷
ALBUM TITLE: TH07: Perfect Cherry Blossom
TIMES PLAYED: 930 plays


Touhou 07   (Necrofantasia)

—English fanlyrics—


Into the gap, full of all that happen,

Full of things you have never been able to conceive.

Only once you’ve been caught, if you see the catch or not,

Is it easier then to believe?


Between the known and unknown is a realm of its own, so

Full of things you have never prepared to understand.

Never resting in place within ever-fluid space, oh:

Welcome to my borderland.


       I’m proposing a toast: to this beautiful fabric that binds our very world together.

       Of course, I’d say the most beautiful thing is watching it elegantly ripped apart.

       Now, drink up! Surely you know, there’s always the best time to be had

       in that dangerously intoxicating state, right on the border of consciousness.


Spend suspended one moment caught between life and death,

Resting soundly, all thoughts resounding, and drifting finally undefined.

Images reprise to the beat of your measured breath,

Those remembered and those invented each blurring over your fragile mind…


At this breaking hour, blossom like a flower;

Every fold will soon be opened, vastly bursting at the seam.

Draw your lines in vain, grasping to explain at all

The difference of a nightmare from a dream.


Flow from every joint, in more ways than signs can point:

You lose your sense and let illusion spirit you away.

Just a trick of light casts the world in black and white;

What keeps it all from blending into gray?


Raw power at the peak, not a single weakness

In the masterful design yet holding strong.

Planned, perfectly precise— shall it suffice to say

It’s all being made up as it goes along?


Eyes, steady in a gaze, watch you as you graze

That fragile axis, nearly phasing through the crack.

Where on this globe does west become the east?

Careful.  At that point, there is no turning back.



Okay yeah gonna stream shovel knight pretty soon
Who would want to come?

On second thought, How about I try and go through the game without any items, I think I’m gonna try to do new game plus without dying so ye

I’m thinking on streaming Shovel Knight New Game plus at some point today
Would anyone come to that? probably afternoonish like 2-5 PM EST range

dream-team-bros started following you

Hello!! Thanks for following~ I hope you enjoy doing so!!!


Hey guys, something pretty unfortunate has happened. Moon-ball’s blog was deleted and now has te rebuilt from square one. This is of course absolutely terrible. Losing that many followers is a slap across the face and just not something you’d wish upon anyone.

So here’s the deal. I’ll be giving away an additional amount of Diancies. For every 100 followers Moon-ball gains, I’ll give away a Diancie. If you don’t want Diancie, I will breed any Pokemon you want to 5IVs with the right nature and make sure that it’s shiny! (If it’s a GEN5 or below legendary I can make sure that they’re perfect IVs as well).

What do you have to do!?

1. Reblog this.
2. Follow Moon-ball.

Why should you follow?
Because Moon-ball’s blog was quite wonderful. And that’s coming from someone who can’t stand to follow more than 100 blogs at a time. Don’t just do it for the free Pokemon. It’s a great motivator, but definitely not all there’s to following this amazing blog!

That’s all! The deadline for this will be August 30th. The sooner you follow, the higher your chances are of winning.

EDIT: I completely forgot to add this.
Legendaries are generated through a save dongle.
Regular Pokemon are bred and made shiny with powersave.
Diancie is cloned from an official event one.